Nick Terry is no ordinary cop.  He used to be a hotshot detective in his hometown of San Pedro, California.  But budget cuts, personal demons and a healthy pot smoking habit changed everything for Nick.  Now his beat is the classrooms, retirement homes and recreation centers where he talks about the good work of the San Pedro police instead of actually doing any police work himself.


A less demanding schedule allows Nick to enjoy all the things he loves about his hometown:  getting stoned, watching the sun and surf with his piñata loving dog Peakins, getting stoned, mustering up the courage to ask out Donna who runs a local party store, getting stoned and hanging out at the Chowder barge with Spice, his Jamaican friend and pot dealer.


But Nick's calm and cool life take a trippy turn when a young woman's body washes ashore in Sunken City, a picturesque beach where years ago the streets of San Pedro crumbled into the surf.  Police Captain Thad Beecher yanks Nick off the community service lecture circuit and sends him back into the streets and docks to investigate the young woman's death.